Cloud 9 Personalized Facial for Face or Back:

Customized every step of the way! Face mapping, professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask and solar defense. A delicious face, neck and hand massage will leave you on cloud 9.

50 min // $90


Mini-Facial + Extractions:

The same as our popular mini-facial, but with gentle blackhead removal. Perfect for teens and those that need a little extra pore cleansing.

45 min // $65


LaStone Facial:

A deeply relaxing therapy utilizing hot and cold stones. Heated basalt stones detoxify, while chilled marble stones bring fresh oxygenated blood to the skin. Your whole body will experience the results of this unique treatment!

75 min // $110


30% Lactic Acid peel:

Stimulates cell turnover while deeply hydrating the skin. Recommended for dry, dehydrated, sun damaged or prematurely aged skin. 6 peels is recommended for maximum results.

30 min // $560


High Frequency and/or Galvanic Current may be used to enhance your results in the following facials:

Age Smart: Advanced technology promises the latest in anti-aging. Fight free radical damage, loss of elasticity and wrinkles. A vitamin mask combined with a firming seaweed mask will leave you looking flawless. A cutting edge treatment that is truly a step above the rest!

75 min // $110


Medibac Clearing:

Adult acne has met it's match! This treatment targets current breakouts while helping to prevent future breakouts. Say hello to smooth, clear skin!

75 min // $110


Environmental Control:

Ideal for red, irritated, itchy or inflamed skin that needs gentle care. This incredibly soothing, skin protecting treatment will calm skin in a snap. A natural oatmeal mask tops off this ultra skin relieving treatment. Your skin will thank you!

75 min // $110