Pro Power Peel

To revitalize dull, tired, or aging skin. We recommend booking three sessions two weeks apart to receive the maximum benefit.

Purchase one session alone $95, and receive post-care kit free of charge ($29 retail value)

Purchase two sessions and receive the third free ($95 savings). Receive 15% off post-care kit.

Not sure if this treatment is right for you? Book a free 15 minute consultation with one of our Aestheticians today.

LED light-emitting diode.

It works by emitting infrared lights (causing heat) in different wavelengths/spectrums, which have different skincare benefits LightStim Think of it as working from the inside on a cellular level to support everything you do on the outside. LightStim Benefits

• Helps restore optimal cellular function• Reduces inflammation and relieves pain• Increases blood circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic flow

• Accelerates healing• Repairs and rebuilds collagen, elastin, and other dermal proteins • Minimizes appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles (temporary plumping effect)

• Tones the skin• Promotes better product absorption (thermal effects/membrane permeability)

• Works synergistically with other treatments and ingredients for better results• Produces a radiant glow

You can add a 15m session to any facial for $30

Aldo available LED for home use $249

Ginger Foot and Calf Aromatherapy Treatment

Enjoy a luxurious 45 minute foot and calf massage while the scent of Ginger warms and comforts you


Scrap and Stress Therapy Massage

Enjoy a full body exfoliating treatment followed by a 30 minute stress therapy massage


These Specials can be booked or purchased on a gift certificate