10 Facts About Taurus

Taurus generally is the total package. Here are top 10 facts about Taurus explaining this zodiac sign perfectly:

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.48.42 AM.png
  1. Taurus likes to be left alone sometimes; it’s nothing special.
  2. Taurus will never talk about personal things unless they feel extremely comfortable with you.
  3. Taurus is one of the most grounded signs in the zodiac, attracting people who are constantly in crisis.
  4. If a Taurus let you in, value it because it doesn’t happen very often.
  5. Taurus has a strong memory, so don’t be surprised if they bring something up from a long time ago.
  6. Taurus has a lot of patience and always puts on a mask hiding the frustration inside, but when they blow up, it’s nuclear.
  7. Taurus takes critique hard because they feel they give their all in everything they do.
  8. Taurus will always make the sacrifices for the ones they love and support them no matter what.
  9. Taurus never sees the betrayal coming – that’s their weakness.
  10.  Taurus may never forgive you if you break their trust, no matter how many times they accept your apology.
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